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Wonder mamas

Wonder Mamas is a space dedicated to mothers to read, relax, chat and breastfeed without
worries; to spend quality time with their baby.


The painting atelier is a space dedicated to the free expression of oneself.
In this space you learn to be yourself, independent from the gaze and judgment of others.
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Password: CURIOSITY!
…towards the world, towards ourselves, towards others
Our workshops aim to stimulate each child’s innate ability to ask questions and seek answers, to be amazed, to experiment … and to learn.
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I am an Anthropologist and have been working in the Social working field for years … Books represent one of the clearest memories I have of myself as a child … and then of me as a young teenager …


I am a psychologist and counselor, … lover of everything creative, I explore the relationship that exists between manual and recreational activities and well-being


A great reader from an early age, … My university studies and cultural formation has led me to work alongside women and men who find themselves living parenthood

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