The painting atelier is a space dedicated to the free expression of oneself. In front of the white
sheet there is no criteria of “right” or “wrong”, “beautiful” or “good” but only the result of one’s
being that takes shape thanks to color. He/she does not paint for a precise end, or to achieve a
result or to affirm a talent or ability. In this space you learn to be yourself, becoming
independent from the gaze and judgment of others.
The activity in the atelier consists in a cycle of 10 meetings. At the end of which each child can
organize a personal exhibition and choose guests if he/she wants. The exhibition of all the
works, arranged in chronological order, allow you to see on paper the child’s way of expressing
and its evolution in time.
There will also be the possibility to organize, by reservation, the participation on an individual
basis or even that of a couple who will soon have a baby, to express through painting the
emotions associated with welcoming a new life. In addition, there will be the opportunity to book
activities for families, to share an experience together and take home a colorful and indelible

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