This is who we are

The “Nani Pittori” bookshop aims to be a place where to meet, exchange and share all that which promotes the human dimension of relationships. We are aware of the impact this can have on the well-being of everyone, both young and old. We believe that literature and the experience of reading – together with the possibility of experimenting those creative paths that stimulate imagination, curiosity and self-expression – is the way to support the development of free and creative minds towards the world around us.

Our goal is to offer a space that through multiple ways, can give anyone who enters and frequents it, an opportunity to experience the care and satisfaction of relationships.

We have chosen the name “Nani Pittori” (“Little Painters”) in the wake of what we want our library to be. Our Nano is not only a “reader” but a “painter” and it is so for many reasons:

  • because so many children’s books come to life with images,
  • because we believe that children can color the future,
  • because we want our library to be a place where everyone can paint a piece of their life, and not just metaphorically …

and finally, because the name of our bookstore is inspired by the poetry of one of the greatest Italian authors for children, Gianni Rodari. In his “To a child painter” the author invites every child to live the great adventure of life with confidence.

And we want to extend this wish to anyone who comes to visit us!

This is Nani Pittori

Children are the future we want

Jennifer: graduate in cultural anthropology. For many years I worked in the non-profit field of disability and Mental Health programs. I have had direct contact with children working in summer camps and in special support camps. Books have represented some of the most vivid memories I have of me as a child … and then of me as a young teenager … with books I could dream, with the stories I read I imagined other worlds and the lives of other people… This passion has taken me to other parts of the world, also thanks to my studies of different cultures. Today a mother of two children, my desire is to continue traveling, not only physically, but also through fantasy and imagination, with a child-like curiosity.

Elena:psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor. My volunteer experiences have led me to deal with psychiatric disabilities first and with children and teenagers later. A lover of all things creative, for some years I have been dealing with the relationship that exists between manual and recreational activities and psychological well-being. My relationship with books dates back to when, even though I still didn’t know how to read, I pretended to do it very well by reciting my favorite “hardback” from memory. Since then, books have accompanied me at every stage of my life.

Lisanna: psychologist, now specializing in development and educational process psychology. I have been a great reader since childhood when I fell in love with “Little Women”. I have worked for several years as a babysitter with children of different ages and during that time I met their mothers, listened to their enthusiasm regarding parenthood but also their doubts in living parenthood. Now that I am training in psychotherapy, parenthood, and in particular motherhood is the subject of my work as a trainee in a clinic for the prevention and treatment of peripartum disorders.


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