People who collaborate with us

Fervent supporters of the saying “unity is strength”, we believe in the power of collaboration. In this section you will find the identikit of some of the people who, with their professionalism or their creations, contribute to nurturing our project and the reason why we chose them.

Courses and workshops


A real Wonder Mama! Jennifer’s mother, she raised three children and now continues to get busy with three grandchildren. Raised in cold Alaska, graduated from very hot Arizona, she chooses Florence during her university studies because she is passionate about art history … and in Florence, for reasons of heart she decides to stay!  She has been teaching English to young and old in the Gavinana district and Bagno a Ripoli for decades, collaborating with many nursery and primary schools in the area. Today she has joined our project – in her mother tongue she continues teaching by playing with our “Nani”.


Au pair consultant for breastfeeding and herself a Wonder Mama! We met Lisa thanks to one of our clients who talked to her about our desire to make the library also a meeting place for mothers, through a space we called “Wonder Mamas”. We immediately liked her passion and commitment that she transmits and that she has put into cultivating her business since she started about 10 years ago. We have grasped her ability to be on the side of mothers, supporting them in the search for their personal way of breastfeeding, without giving recipes or preconceived advice, which we particularly appreciate. All three of us for different reasons – Elena and Lisanna as psychologists and Jennifer as anthropologist and mother – know how important it is to respect the uniqueness of the mother-child relationship. Every morning, within the Wonder Mamas space, it will be possible, by appointment, to meet Lisa for private consultations. It will also be possible to create opportunities for new mothers to talk “freely in a circle” about everything that revolves around breastfeeding, to go through this moment together and activate the resources and skills of each woman, thus bringing out the strength of the ‘group’


Ambassador of the Reading Method of Contemporary Art, a teaching method  adopted by teachers of Art and Images to bring children closer to contemporary art, overcoming the boundaries of rationality; stimulating the senses, creativity and naturalness. The Method is inspired by the Analogical Method of Camillo Bortolato, recalling the principles of sign art, which is the basis of all the artistic experience from the 1900s to today. The workshops for children, led by Stefania, have as a reference text the Acecedary of contemporary art by Alice Albanese, published by EricksonLive, in which Stefania also collaborated in the drafting.


Graduated in biotechnology, she is a true scientist but shares with Elena the passion for creativity, which has made them become friends and spend entire evenings with papers, colors, scissors, strange materials and so on and so forth. The activities she creates transport you into the magical world of science, ranging from chemistry to biology, from physics to ecology. They are fun, colorful, sometimes a little messy, but always able to involve kids, leaving the little ones speechless and satisfying the curiosity of the older ones.

Special artistic items for sale

Signor T

“It all started just for the fun of it, about ten years ago. Together with the right instruments we started  creating spinning tops – big, small, colorful … Then the passion and the desire to have my say in the field of wooden toys meant that the game, my game, became a serious thing – a job – with careful research concerning wood, design, safety and innovation. And from then on I continued to put importance on manual skills, unique objects, but also with the support of the most recent technologies: such as laser and digital printing, to be able to create objects suitable for the world of the little ones, but that can also please adults. However always with the idea of ​​small production, of real craftsmanship, of direct contact between customer and producer, but also with the idea of ​​growing and proposing something new “.


In the wake of the Wonder Mamas “philosophy”, we have decided to also keep products suitable for pampering mothers and fathers in the store. This is how the collaboration with Qualiterbe, an Artisan Herbal Company was born: “In the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, in a still uncontaminated territory, splendid for its beauty, culture and history. Qualiterbe, a unique Italian company, does its own extensive research, controlling the formulation and production of all its herbal products and natural cosmetics, exclusive and of the highest quality.

Manitas de Plata

Created in 2011 in Valencia, from the “silver hands” of two sisters: Marina and Carmen. They make jewelery and ceramic objects, as well as beautiful illustrations. We immediately fell in love with them: the delicacy and refinement of their designs, the attention to detail, and that pinch of irony that distinguishes them, convinced us immediately to dedicate them a space in our library!

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